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Episode 35

Mastering the Schedule with Gary Takacs

by Gary Takacs | August 15, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600We are very excited about the content of today’s show because of the profound impact this information can make in your practice. We have decided to devote the content of today’s Thriving Dentist Show to the topic of ‘Mastering your Schedule’ because we have had many requests from listeners about how schedule so that you have consistently productive days. Gary is an expert in the area of schedule and often teaches entire courses on the art and science of scheduling. So, buckle up and hang on……you are going to enjoy this show!

Running Time 41:00

This particular show would be a great one to play for your entire team. Many of our listeners have told us that they use the Thriving Dentist Show as content for their team meetings. They play the entire show or parts of the show during team meetings as a way to get ‘everyone on the same page’ and to provide educational and encouraging content to help the practice thrive. This particular show would be a great one to lay for your next team meeting!

What is the concept of scheduling by design?

I have heard you use the analogy of Rocks, Sand and Water in your scheduling workshops. What do these terms mean in regards to scheduling?

You teach the concept of taking advantage of the opportunities that are presented each and every day. How does that idea relate to mastering the schedule?

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