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Episode 196

Mergers and Acquisitions for a Thriving Practice with Gary Takacs

by Gary Takacs | October 21, 2015

This Thriving Dentist Show is about a growth strategy that Gary has used in his practice as well as with his clients. It’s all about purchasing a practice to merge with your practice to provide an infusion of new patients and facilitate very attractive practice growth! Gary recently purchased a practice to merge with his existing practice and the results have been so strong that he wanted to share this strategy with our listeners.

Running Time: 41:45 minutes

In this Show Gary discusses: why growing your practice is the key to reducing your overhead, what to look for in a potential merger, how to evaluate the potential, the financial formula to determine if buying this practice makes sense, how to find potential practices to purchase and tips to make the merger most successful. You will enjoy the information that Gary shares about mergers and acquisitions.

Link to the podcast interview on the 40% overhead practice: http://bit.ly/1SMVAVH

Gary’s email address: gary@takacslearningcenter.com

Category: Acquisition