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Episode 400

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a Serious Medical Condition with a Dental Solution with Bryan Ferre

by Gary Takacs | September 18, 2019

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Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is one of the most pernicious and misunderstood healthcare concerns of the modern era. Gary invited his friend Bryan Ferre as a Guest on the Thriving Dentist Show to share his knowledge about OSA.

In this Show Gary and Bryan discuss;

  • The very personal story of how Bryan lost his wife Carrie to OSA,
  • how Bryan’s late wife suffered from nine of the known comorbidities of OSA,
  • the myths of who is at risk of having OSA,
  • current data on the size of the potential patient base in the US suffering from OSA,
  • how societal and environmental changes are creating a dramatic rise in the incidence of OSA,
  • data that reports that 80% of patients suffering from OSA are undiagnosed,
  • the science of Epigenetics in dentistry,
  • Craniofacial Epigenetics and the 4 key area where Vivos is making contribution in this important field,
  • why Vivos created the Institute for Cranio Facial Sleep Medicine,
  • how Dentists can work in concert with other healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat OSA,
  • how to successfully incorporate craniofacial sleep medicine into your dental practice
  • and throughout the interview Bryan shares his absolute passion and mission to help Dentists understand more about OSA and to become actively involved with screening for, diagnosing and treating OSA with the hope that he can help others avoid the very personal loss that he experienced. 

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