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  • Practice Management Coach | 40+ Years of Experience in Dentistry
  • Host of Thriving Dentist Show
  • Co-host of Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
  • Founder of Thriving Practice Academy
  • Co-owner of LifeSmiles Dental Care
  • Co-Founder of iLoveDentistry
Gary’s expertise is available to dental practices around the world in a variety of formats to suit different needs, learning styles, and budgets. He is available on a one-on-one basis, as well as through seminars, audio, and video programs. In addition, you can connect with Gary through his well-known Thriving Dentist podcast—the number one dental podcast in the world, with listeners in over 184 countries—and the Less Insurance Dependence show. Lively discussions with Gary run the gamut from creating communication channels with consumers to show them how they can benefit from a patient-centric practice to eye-opening lessons in cost accounting.

As a published author, biker, businessman, progressive rock fan, and family man, the unique perspective that Gary Takacs brings to the table makes each conversation lively and engaging. Gary is devoted to sharing his insights with fellow dental practice owners, and his true passion is helping dentists develop a thriving practice.


  • Digital Marketing Guru | 15+ Years of Experience in Dentistry
  • Founder/CEO of Ekwa Marketing
  • Co-host of Less Insurance Dependence Podcast
  • Founder of Thriving Practice Academy
  • Co-Founder of iLoveDentistry
  • Founder of Dental Marketing Society
As Founder/CEO of Ekwa Marketing, Naren has helped hundreds of dental practices reach a higher pinnacle of success through website design and development, and a multitude of leading-edge digital marketing platforms. With a deep passion for service to others, Naren takes consulting and coaching to heart. He believes that everyone should find genuine fulfilment in their jobs and in life and has taken several initiatives in order to accomplish this purpose.