Reduce Insurance Dependence and Increase profitability in your dental practice!

In this FREE Blueprint, I’m sharing the strategic steps you need to take to successfully resign from PPO plans and increase profitability in your practice.


In this guide, you’ll learn:


The specific steps you need to take to resign from PPO Plans successfully.


How to get your Team 100% on board & support you behind the goal of successfully reducing insurance dependence!


Learn how to get the data you need to resign successfully from each contracted plan.

Bonus Scripts!

Sharing the message with your dental patients.

How to answer the question “Do you take my Insurance?”

Many dentists are trying to resign from PPO plans because being dependent on Insurance companies is a pain and torture you keep receiving and not a gift that keeps giving.

But, how do you resign from PPO plans successfully?

When I bought my practice, LifeSmiles, I quickly realized that we were infected with over 34 PPO Plans and an overhead of 80%!

After dropping all PPO Plans while retaining over 85% of the practice’s patient base and helping over 2200+ practices do the same, we’ve got it down to a science.

We’ve got it down to a blueprint.

Download this free guide and prepare to drop those PPO Plans and increase your practice profitability.