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Episode 410

Seven Steps for a Remarkable New Patient Experience

by Gary Takacs | November 27, 2019

In today’s episode Gary and his co-host, Naren Arulrajah discuss seven important steps involved in making a remarkable new patient experience and Gary will answer some questions from the community.

00:35 > Introduction to this week’s episode
02:45 > The backstory of the patient experience
03:00 > Coaching in action
10:39 > The office tour
18:30 > The patient interview
19:09 > Set of 6 digital photos for patient education
19:47 > Necessary x-rays
20:13 > The Doctors part of the new patient exam
28:13 > The hygiene appointment
28:53 > Financial arrangements & scheduling
30:00 > The seven questions to ask patients
32:50 > Thriving Dentist Q&A session

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Seven Must-Ask Questions From Every New Patient
Here’s This Week’s Homework: Design your 7 or 8 part patient tour!
Something Extra: Interested in attending a webinar on the topic How to create a remarkable new patient experience?

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