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Episode 191

‘Solutions to the Two Most Pressing Business Issues Facing Dentists Today’ with Ashley Latter

by Gary Takacs | September 9, 2015

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Gary’s amazing friend, Ashley Latter is back by popular demand! Ashley has been a guest on the Thriving Dentist Show in the past and his interviews have received incredible reviews. For the past 20 years Ashley has trained over 8,000 Dentists in 14 countries on how to master the business of dentistry by developing ethical sales and communication skills.

Running Time: 54:20 minutes

In this interview Gary and Ashley discuss; The most common mistake Dentists make when discussing fees with patients, how to communicate your fees with confidence with patients, the most common mistake Dentists make when discussing treatment recommendations with patients and how to communicate your treatment recommendations with patients so they accept the best possible option. In addition to the amazing content, Ashley shares some great exercises you can do with your team to build your communication skills. You’ll LOVE this interview!

Podcast Assistance by Jodey Smith, Rodecaster Expert Category: Case Acceptance