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Episode 18

4 Things Dentists Need to Do Now to Thrive (Part 1) with Dr. Howard Farran

by Gary Takacs | April 11, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600It is no secret that the economy has been a challenge not only here in the US but internationally as well. The Thriving Dentist Show now has listeners in 54 countries and that number grows every day, so it is important for us to address dental topics on the local level and internationally as well. While the economy has been a challenge, it is still absolutely possible to have a THRIVING Dental Practice as evidenced by Gary’s practice in Phoenix, Arizona. Not only has Gary’s practice survived in brutal economic conditions, but they have figured out how to thrive in these conditions. We were honored to have a very good friend of Gary’s, and a fellow Arizonan, as a special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. His name is Dr. Howard Farran and he is one of the most progressive minds in the Dental Profession Today.

Running Time 50:43

In the last episode of Thriving Dentist Show we discussed the importance of Tribes in Dentistry. Dr. Farran created one of the most incredible Tribes in Dentistry when he created DentalTown. Dentaltown is THE community for dental professionals. offers message boards with more than 140,000 members discussing all things dental (and some things not), online CE to keep you informed about the latest treatment techniques, classified ads to help you staff and stock your practice, monthly polls to show you what’s trending in dentistry and much more. One of the greatest benefits of being a member of the DentalTown Tribe is that you never have to feel like you are practicing alone!

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