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Episode 19

4 Things Dentists Need to Do Now to Thrive (Part 2) with Dr. Howard Farran

by Gary Takacs | April 18, 2012

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TDS Logo 600X600In the last episode of Thriving Dentist Show Dr. Howard Farran, the founder of DentalTown shared some profound information with our listeners about the US and World economy and how dentists need to do things differently to succeed on the new economy. Dr. Farran has a unique vantage point on the dental profession since he has lectured in 40 countries and has created a forum in DentalTown where over 100,000 dentists are actively registered and participate in the dental forums. Dr Farran has so much powerful information to share with our listeners that we have invited him back to share his wisdom about the 4 specific things dentist need to be doing right now to THRIVE in today’s economy. Welcome back, Dr. Farran!

Running Time 43:10

In the last episode of Thriving Dentist Show Dr Farran defined the four specific things that dentists need to be doing to THRIVE today and he spoke in detail about how dentists need to reduce their costs and he provided very specific recommendations to control spending. Dr. Farran said that the largest single budget line item for dentists is staff wage costs and he provided very specific guidelines for what these expenses should be in a healthy, profitable dental practice. Today, Dr Farran is going to discuss his other 3 recommendations for dentists to Thrive today.

Let’s re-define the four specific things that you feel Dentists need to be doing to THRIVE today.

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