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Episode 53

Is your Vision Big Enough? with Dr. Don Wyatt

by Gary Takacs | December 19, 2012

TDS Logo 600X600Gary is an expert in the ‘Business of Dentistry’ and has the unique opportunity to serve as a coach and consultant to Dentists in a variety of practice situations. There are many different successful formats of practice and Gary works with each client to identify their goals and then designs solutions to achieve those goals. Gary has a number of clients that own multiple practices and have created an excellent business model that does not require the owner Dentist to do most of the work. Dentistry is fundamentally different from other businesses in that the success of the practice is largely dependent on the owner/Dentists production. However, another business model is to own multiple practices. Today we have Dr. Don Wyatt as a special guest on the Thriving Dentist Show. Dr. Wyatt is a client of Gary’s and a young Dentist who not only has a vision for owning multiple practices, but is successfully doing that right now! We are excited to have Dr. Wyatt on the Show to share his vision and business model with our listeners. Welcome Dr. Wyatt!

Running Time 46:35

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Category: Leadership