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Episode 54

An Awesome Day at LifeSmiles Dental Care with Dr. Paul Nielson

by Gary Takacs | January 2, 2013

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TDS Logo 600X600The Thriving Dentist Show is all about practical information that will help you develop a thriving practice. If you are a regular listener to this Show you know that although Gary is not a Dentist, he co-owns a dental practice in Phoenix, Arizona in a business partnership with Dr. Paul Nielson. Over the past 5 years, Gary and Dr. Nielson have taken a practice that was in desperate need of some attention and developed it into a thriving practice………and they have accomplished this in an area that has been very hard hit by the downturn in the economy. One of the reasons that Gary wanted to own a practice was to be able to test concepts and ideas and share the results with his audiences when he is speaking and also with his clients. Recently Gary and Dr. Nielson had an excellent experience with adding a new service to their practice and we’ve invited Dr. Nielson on the Show today to talk about this experience with our listeners. Welcome back to the Thriving Dentist Show, Dr. Nielson!

Running Time 42:08

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