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Episode 56

Business Leadership from the Heart with Kevin Rose

by Gary Takacs | January 16, 2013

TDS Logo 600X600Business leadership is such a critical element of having a thriving practice. You have heard Gary talk about the fact that to succeed in dentistry today you need to master three different realms. Those three realms are; Clinical Excellence, Business Acumen, and the third realm is mastering the People side of dentistry. Gary uses the analogy of the three-legged milk stool, with each leg represented by the three realms. This is a useful way to think of the challenge because if any of those three legs is missing, then the stool topples over. It’s also important for each leg of the stool to be of equal length, because if they aren’t equal, the stool is not stable. The same is true of the three realms of practice success; Clinical Excellence, Business Acumen, and the People Side of dentistry. If any of these three realms is missing, then success is unlikely. Also, if equal attention is not paid to any of these realms, then the practice is unstable. Today we are very fortunate to have an authority on the business side of dentistry who hails from England! Gary considers Kevin Rose, our guest for this Show to be his ‘Brother from a different mother’! Welcome Kevin!

Running Time 51:50

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Category: Leadership