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Episode 61

Mastering DENTAL SEO with Jana Grube

by Gary Takacs | February 20, 2013

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TDS Logo 600X600If you are a regular listener of the Show, you know that Gary teaches that a thriving dental practice has created a comprehensive marketing plan to consistently attract quality new patients using internal, external and digital marketing strategies. While each of these 3 components is important, digital marketing is especially exciting today. It’s the shiny new thing in dental marketing! It is not enough to have a great website. In fact the superhighway that is the world wide web is littered with great websites that get little or no traffic. To be successful, you must not only have a great website, but you must also have a strategy to direct visitors to your website. There are many ways to create this traffic, but one of the most important strategies to master is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is the science of having your website ranked high in the search engines, especially Google, when a potential patient is looking for a Dentist. SEO is a mystery to many Dentists and we are very excited to have a Special Guest on the Show today who is an SEO authority to take us ‘behind the curtain’ and help us better understand SEO. Our guest today is Jana Grube and she is the Search Marketing Operations Manager at Sesame Communications a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for Dentists today.

Running Time 54:32

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