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Episode 64

Be Successful, Wherever You Are with Dr. Todd Franklin

by Gary Takacs | March 13, 2013

TDS Logo 600X600Successful dental practices are located in a variety of settings. One of the most common questions that Gary gets from young dentists when he is speaking is; ‘Where should I buy or start my practice?’ Many successful practices are located in large cities, like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, or in cities like Toronto, London, Paris, Madrid, Cape Town, Zurich, Milan, Dubai, or Sydney for our International listeners. However, there are many successful dental practices that are located in small towns and other less likely places. Gary’s recommendation for young Dentists is to go where they would like to live and that is precisely what our guest on today’s show has done.

Running Time 43:42

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Todd Franklin on the show. Dr. Franklin is a very good friend of Gary’s and he practices in the small California central valley town of Lodi, CA. For those of you not familiar with Lodi, this area has been very hard hit by the downturn in the economy, yet Dr. Franklin has not only navigated the tough times, but has developed a thriving practice in spite of the down economy. We are excited to have Dr. Franklin on the Show to share his experiences.

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