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Episode 65

The Secrets to Perfect Communication in your Dental Practice – An Ethical Approach to Sales with Ashley Latter

by Gary Takacs | March 20, 2013

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TDS Logo 600X600Communication is a challenge for many Dentists yet mastering communication and case presentation skills are an absolute must if you are going to have a Thriving practice. Recently, Gary had the honor of speaking in the UK at The Dentistry Show, one of the largest dental conferences in the UK. At this meeting, Gary spent time with Ashley Latter, one of the world’s best sales and communication coaches for Dentists. Gary instantly knew he had to have Ashley on the Thriving Dentist Show! Ashley has written an incredible book titled, Don’t wait for the Tooth Fairy: How to Communicate Effectively and Create the Perfect Patient Journey in Your Dental Practice. We are very excited to have Ashley as a guest on the Show.

Running Time 48:25


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