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Episode 83

5 Systems For A Thriving Dental Practice with Gary Takacs

by Gary Takacs | July 31, 2013

Dental Podcast

This week’s episode is the first without co-host Andy Traub. He recently published his book titled Early to Rise ( and if you have not read this wonderful book, then run don’t walk and read it NOW. May be the best $7.99 you ever invest in yourself! Due to increasing time demands, Andy is no longer able to serve as the co-host of the Thriving Dentist Show. However, the Show will go and we are forever grateful to Andy’s contribution. Thanks Andy!

Running Time: 47:43 min

I decided to do this Show as a solo show to allow me to go into detail on the topic of The 5 Systems for a Thriving Practice.

Here are those 5 systems:

1)      Develop a Comprehensive Dental Marketing Plan

2)      Make Teeth Whitening a Core Element

3)      Use Digital Photography for Patient Oral Health Education

4)      Get Serious about Diagnosing & Treating Periodontal Disease

5)      Create an Incredible New Patient Experience

Here are 6 Goals of a Thriving Practice:

1)      Overhead no higher than 60% (ideally 50%)

2)      Ability to fully fund a pension or savings Plan

3)      Enough revenue to allow you to have a state-of-the-art facility, modern equipment, generous CE budget, use the best labs, latest technology and still control overhead at 60% or less (Ideally 50%)

4)      A high-performance team you truly love and enjoy working with

5)      Patients you genuinely enjoy taking care of

6)      Treatment mix that gives you satisfaction

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