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Episode 88

Solutions for Increased Case Acceptance of Ideal Care with Dr. David Hornbrook

by Gary Takacs | September 4, 2013

Dental Podcast

Dr. David Hornbrook is a very gifted clinician and dental educator.

Running Time: 45:22 min

In this inspiring interview, David discusses some simple tips that Dentists can use to increase case acceptance of ideal care. David discusses what he likes to call, “Dwarfing the treatment plan”.  This is what dentists unintentionally do to limit treatment and even treatment acceptance by not asking the patient the correct questions as they diagnose treatment, especially aesthetic treatment. He also discusses his concept of the ‘Fast moving train to paradise’ where you focus your discussion with the patient on the outcome and results rather than the process of the treatment. In addition to our discussion of case acceptance tips, David also talks about the new restorative materials available today and how these materials enhance the predictability of aesthetic dental care. This is a great Thriving Dentist Show to share with your entire Team!

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Category: Case Acceptance