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Episode 109

How to Survive a 3rd Party or Board of Dentistry Audit with Dr. Michael Perpich

by Gary Takacs | February 5, 2014

Dental Podcast

Audits from insurance companies and boards of dentistry are an increasing reality for many Dentists. Dr. Michael Perpich is an authority on the subject and has helped many Dentists defend themselves from these audits.

Running Time: 54:09 min

In this important interview, Mike and Gary discuss the types of situations that trigger a 3rd party audit, why you are still at risk of an audit even if you do not accept medicaid, what triggers a board of dentistry audit and why the adoption of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) will likely increase audits. Mike also shares his recommendations for all Dentists on how to reduce the risk of 3rd part and boards of dentistry audits. This is one subject where it is very important to be proactive and reduce your audit risk.
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Dr. Michael Perpich cell number: 612-819-1882

Category: Dental Insurance