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Episode 117

The Importance of Fitness for a Thriving Dentist with Dr. Bilal Saib

by Gary Takacs | April 2, 2014

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Dental PodcastDentistry is a physically and emotionally demanding profession.

Running Time: 50:24 min
In this interview Gary interviews Dr. Bilal Saib (Dr. B) on the importance of embracing fitness and the role of fitness in a thriving dental practice. Gary and Dr. B are both huge advocates of fitness and they are each currently training for an IronMan Triathlon. In this interview Gary & Dr. B discuss the benefits of fitness in the dental profession, the reasons Dentists may want to consider training for a physically demanding event such as a marathon or triathlon, the benefits of training for a race or event, the challenges of this type of training and how a listener can determine if training for a race or event is for them. Dr. B also discusses how his commitment to his personal fitness and competing in races and events have benefitted his practice. You will enjoy this interview and perhaps find some inspiration to embrace fitness and perhaps even choose to join Dr. B and Gary in training for an IronMan Triathlon!

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