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Episode 118

5 Must-Have Resources for a Thriving Practice with Gary Takacs

by Gary Takacs | April 9, 2014

Dental Podcast

In earlier Thriving Dentist Show interviews with Dr.Howard Farran, Howard identified the 4 things Dentists need to be doing today to Thrive in any economy. Those 4 things are; 1) Reduce costs, 2) Increase marketing, 3) Add services and 4) Make dentistry more affordable.

Running Time: 53:34 min

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary presents 5 specific resources that will help you develop a more successful practice. Gary uses each of these resources in his own practice and he also recommends each of these resources to his clients. You will enjoy this Show and the resources that Gary shares.

Merchant Preferred Processing Network
Making Mobi
Six Month Smiles
The Wellness Hour
Smile Reminder

Category: Practice Building