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Episode 127

Increasing Productivity at Every Stage of Your Career with Dr. Bruce Baird

by Gary Takacs | June 11, 2014

Dental PodcastThe focus on this Thriving Dentist Show is about how to increase your productivity and maintain quality dentistry!

Running Time: 52:24 min
In this Show, Gary interviews his good friend Dr. Bruce Baird. Bruce has practiced dentistry for over 34 years and he’s the founder of the award-winning Productive Dentist Academy (PDA). One of the great aspects of Bruce’s experience is that he practices in the small town of Granbury, Texas population 6,800, with an oversupply of Dentists, making the practice climate very competitive. If Bruce can achieve remarkable success in this small, competitive town, then you can replicate his concepts in your area. In this inspiring interview Gary and Bruce discuss specific strategies to increase your productivity at every stage of your career. Bruce explains how to ‘link’ with your patients to create an unbreakable connection, the verbal skills to guide your patients to accept ideal care, tips to help you master diagnosis, treatment planning and case presentation and how to ‘frame’ your practice growth with the ultimate motivation of helping more people. You’ll find this interview to be very inspiring and loaded with use-it-now tips!

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Category: Case Acceptance