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Episode 128

The Art of Positive Influence for Your Patients with Randy Alvarez

by Gary Takacs | June 18, 2014

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Dental PodcastIncreasing case acceptance is a goal for all Thriving Dentists! Gary’s guest for this Show is his friend Randy Alvarez. He is the founder of The Wellness Hour, the #1 Producer of Health & Wellness Documentaries in the world.

Running Time: 46:53 min

In this powerful interview, Gary and Randy discuss how to guide patients to accept ideal treatment recommendations. Specific topics discussed in this interview include why dental fees are becoming commoditized and how to avoid this trap, how to differentiate yourself so patients will be less focused on the price, the most effective way to respond to fee questions over the phone, how to overcome objections, how to involve the entire team in case acceptance and the challenges of traditional team member training in dentistry. Randy and Gary also discuss Randy’s new Alvarez University and the benefits of this training resource for you and your team.

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