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Episode 135

The Miracle of Health with Dr. Uche Odiatu

by Gary Takacs | August 6, 2014

Dental PodcastThe first interview that Gary did with his great friend, Dr. Uche Odiatu has been one of the most downloaded episodes of the Thriving Dentist Show.  During the first interview with Uche, Gary promised to bring him back to discuss some simple things that Dental Professionals can do on a daily basis to improve their health and this interview is the result!

Running Time: 55:18 min

During this inspiring interview, Gary and Uche discuss the benefits of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training, the science behind how 5 minutes of interval training can give you the same benefits as 5 hours of continuous exercise, how to naturally increase your growth hormone response, the importance of stretching to reduce common dental occupation injury, why great abs are built in the kitchen not in the gym, the benefits of intermittent fasting, tips to reduce body fat, and healthy snacks to keep in your office are just a few of the topics covered. This interview will challenge and inspire you to take small steps on a daily basis to improve your health!

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