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Episode 137

Be Found and Be Remarkable with Dr. Alan Mead

by Gary Takacs | August 20, 2014

Dental PodcastRegular listeners to The Thriving Dentist Show know that Gary is passionate about technology. Over the past few years, blogging has evolved from a fringe activity to a mainstream activity thanks to advancing technology.

Running Time: 47:32 min

In this thought provoking interview with his friend, Dr. Alan Mead, Gary and Alan discuss the benefits of blogging as part of your marketing activities. They discuss why your blog may be even more important than your website, why a self-hosted blog will drive traffic to your blog, Alan’s favorite book written by Seth Godin, the most popular blog topics, the most effective writing style for your blog, why Google and other search engines love blogs, how to use social media to promote your blog and tips from Alan’s popular course titled; ‘Be Found and Be Remarkable’.

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Category: Marketing