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Episode 141

Tips to Master Online Marketing with Richard Train and Rebecca Buscemi

by Gary Takacs | September 17, 2014

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Dental PodcastMarketing is a skill set that has become imperative if you are to have a Thriving practice. Online or digital marketing has become even more important today with the rising use of smart phones and other mobile technology that places access to the internet in everyone’s purse or wallet.


Running Time: 51:47 min

For many people, ‘Google’ is now a verb; when searching for a product or service the first activity is to ‘Google’ it!  In this content-filled interview, Gary discusses online marketing tips with his friends Richard Train and Rebecca Buscemi. In this Show they discuss; how online dental marketing has evolved and what is most effective today, the acronym EFCTT which stands for Energy, Flexibility, Creativity, Time and Tenacity and why this acronym is your key to online marketing success, how to measure your social media and website success, why every Dentist needs to use Google Analytics, and a host of other online marketing tips.

Richard and Rebecca’s Website:  www.ezdentalpracticemarketing.com

Richard’s email address:  richard@ezdentalpracticemarketing.com

Rebecca’s email address:  rebecca@ezdentalpracticemarketing.com

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