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Episode 162

Minimally Prepped Veneers, CBCT and other Practice Building Strategies with Dr. Louis Kaufman

by Gary Takacs | February 11, 2015

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Dental PodcastYou likely know that Gary is an advocate of technology as a practice builder. In this interview with his friend, Dr. Louis Kaufman, Gary and Lou discuss some cool technology that can be used to build your practice.

Running Time: 52:03 min

They discuss minimally invasive veneers and how they have changed over the years, why today’s minimally prepped veneers should be an option in your cosmetic skill set, how CBCT can be used today as a practice-builder, advice to Dentists who are looking to grow their practice but struggling to do so and why every Dentist needs to embrace the role of CEO of their practice. Lou is an absolute wealth of information and you will love his enthusiasm and passion for helping Dentists thrive!

Lou’s email address: loukauf@gmail.com

Denmat website: www.dentmat.com

Clinician’s Report website: www.cliniciansreport.org

Planmeca (CBCT) www.planmeca.com

Podcast Assistance by Jodey Smith, Rodecaster Expert Category: Clinical