What Our Workshop Attendees Had To Say About Us!

Gary is a wealth of quality information. He is also very concise and smooth in his delivery. The combination of the live presentation and the study materials provide a very helpful course.

Dr. Tiek DDS Tiek Dental Studio

Would highly recommend it. I am going to have our entire team do it.

Dr. Tofovic DMD White Dental Studio

This course exceeded my expectations in every way. I’m ready to start a new coaching journey. The content and presentation both were excellent.

Dr. Proffitt DDS Proffitt Dentistry

I have been to many courses like this over my dental hygiene career and this one was excellent.

M. Proffitt Proffitt Dentistry

Gary blows me away every time I hear him speak. He always has a wealth of knowledge and a passion for sharing it. I always learn something! This workshop gave me ample tools to take back to the office and begin working on it immediately.

K. Ellis Denver Dental Arts

It motivated me to start making goals to implement change

Dr. MacFarlane The Center For Holistic Dental Medicine

Excellent workshop, my team members greatly benefited from it!

Dr. Bue DDS

Gary is awesome. He understands how dentistry works.

Dr. Nunez Gill DMD Westlake Family Dentistry

This information presented was really great. It was encouraging to hear support for relationship-based dentistry and other office systems I fully support and believe in. This was one of the best Zoom seminars I’ve attended since COVID. Well-adapted, well organized, and effective!

Dr. Betts DDS Valley Dental Health

Thank you for all the valuable information you shared with us. I had a really great time.


The workshop was very useful. The knowledge and content was of tremendous value

Dr. Jiffri DDS Huron Dental Care

Very informative and helpful guidance regarding important aspects of management

Dr. Shastri DDS

The material was consistent with topics on the podcast and are relevant to our practice.

Dr. Brown DDS Enspire Dental

Very informative and laid out nicely in 10 steps.

Dr. Rizvi My Dentist For Life

Gary and his team at the Thriving Dentist put together an excellent blueprint for success in today’s dental practice climate. Their step by step process creates an incredible basis for orchestrating and calibrating one’s path forward. The course was intensive yet fun and easy to follow. The biggest pearl for me after 25+ years of practice ownership is the realization that I am doing a ton of this by nature but I have a long way to go in order to achieve excellence in leadership. From a practical sense, the whole process of managing the new patient experience via properly blocked schedules was revolutionary. Thanks!

Dr. Reed City Center Dental Group

Gary is very pleasant & well versed & sees details & has fun along the way

Dr. Nejat DDS

I really enjoyed the workshop. The material was great, and it was nice to have it all in one day. Thank you, Gary, for all you’ve given to the profession. I’ve been listening to you since I graduated from dental school in 2012 and you’ve been a positive influence on my life and my practice. Thanks again!

Dr. Cameron DDS Aspen Dental of Cache Valley

Awesome workshop lots of useful information

Dr. Jaramillo DDS

Great workshop with many inspiring ideas that will help during reopening after covid.

Dr. Elnahass DDS Blue Bird Dentistry

Extremely informative. Took tons of notes. Have listened to every less insurance dependence podcast, and have taken notes on those too, so definitely added on to what I have already learned about your philosophy on dentistry!

Dr. Dudzik DDS

I loved the workshop. Gary provides practical advice and helps us set reasonable goals to improve the state of our practices. I am excited to share my ideas with them to steadily lessen our dependence on insurance and to create a relationship-driven practice. Thank you all for providing this course in a live stream format and for sharing your expertise with us!

Dr. Chen DDS Expressions Dental

Your workshop was awesome!!! I gained a lot of valuable information that I can implement to help my practice be the best it can be! Thank you

Dr. Wardius DDS Total Care Dentistry

Great ideas, I learned a lot I can apply to my practice. I think these formats are good though because I don’t have to fly anywhere and book hotels/rental cars, I miss less time at work, I can be in whatever dress and take breaks when I need, yet it is still effective as a live conference.

Dr. Matsura DDS Pearl City Dental Care

I thought the workshop was very helpful and insightful on how to operate a dental practice. I liked that it was live online since I didn’t have to travel and leave my home. Unless there is some different content in the in-person workshop I thought this was great. I did feel that some details were glossed over due to time constraints. Overall very happy with the experience and content. Gary, I loved the course, definitely hope to learn more from you in the future.

Dr. Elahi DMD Middlebury Dental Centre

It was very informative. Thought-provoking. Illustrated holes in my practice where I need to concentrate my efforts. Stimulating. Well worth the time on a sunny Saturday where normally I would not be inside.

Dr. Wilhelm DDS New Port Dental Arts

The elements in your presentation were excellent and I have lots to work on in modeling and practicing for a relationship-driven practice. It has always been my philosophy and dreams for my practice to grow in this manner. Thank you for a productive day!

Dr. Alexander DDS WhatsupDoc Orthodontics

I have been listening to Podcast for many years, many of this presentation, and familiar with philosophy, implementation is the key.

Dr. Hamidi Tribeca Dental Associates

It was great information. I have started a running workbook of things I can implement from day one when I open.

Dr. Andrew DDS Flint River Dental

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