Episode 442

The Benefits of Assisted Hygiene

Host: Gary Takacs | Published Date: July 1, 2020 | Listening Time: 01:03:49

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In this week’s episode, Gary Takacs shares his insight on the topic, Benefits of Assisted Hygiene, and how to implement this strategy successfully in your dental practice.

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What is Assisted hygiene?

It is the idea of using an assistant in your hygiene appointment in your hygiene schedule. 

He discusses in detail the 4 KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that need to be in place for a hygiene driven practice.

They are:

  • ⅓ of total office production coming from hygiene
  • Daily production goal of $1,200 per day per hygienist
  • 92% or more hygiene appointments should be filled-up each month
  • 85% or more of you patients should be involved in active re-care

If you can meet the above KPIs, then you have a hygiene-driven practice. Listen to the upcoming episode to learn what the benefits are of assisted hygiene and how you could double your income with this model.

Gary shares how he has implemented this model in his dental practice, LifeSmiles, and mentions three conditions that he had in place to ensure that the patients had a good experience. 

With this model, your team is going to be happier, especially the hygienists, as they are making extra money, which they did not make before, and they are going to work even harder. It is a win-win for everyone.

You can learn more in detail: 

  • What is known as assisted hygiene?
  • Why is this model vital? 
  • What are the benefits?
  • The math behind this model
  • KPIs for this model
  • Importance of a virtual consult and much more 

Not every practice can use this model due to a few challenges. Some prerequisites need to be in place to implement it in your dental practice. Listen to the episode to learn what they are!

Having a good assisted hygiene model will motivate the practice to get serious about involving your patients in re-care and is such a benefit because it is like a gift that keeps giving.

Listen to the episode and find out how Gary Takacs makes sure that they meet the 4 KPIs at Life Smiles and how you can do the same to reap the benefits of an assisted hygiene model in practice.

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Do your calculations on the 4 KPI’s that I have mentioned in the podcast. If you are under performing, start improving them & the Q&A segment will also give you much insight to fine tune this in your practice.

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Tune in to the podcast to learn how a well-designed bonus system aligns the goals of the owner, doctor, and the team.

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  • 00:25 – Introduction for today’s episode
  • 00:49 – Announcement On MBA July Workshop
  • 02:12 – Announcement on how ADCPA can help you with the Payroll Protection Program Loan changes
  • 03:48 – Naren’s introduction to today’s episode
  • 04:27 – Secret tips to make the assisted hygiene plan work in your practice
  • 04:37 – What is a KPI?
  • 05:21 – 1st Key Performance Indicator for an assisted hygiene model
  • 06:21- 2nd Key Performance Indicator
  • 06:53 – What counts as hygiene production?
  • 07:28 – 3rd Key Performance Indicator
  • 08:12 – 4th Key Performance Indicator
  • 09:04 – How to convince patients to get involved in regularly scheduled re-care?
  • 09:51 – What is assisted hygiene?
  • 10:04 – How the assistant hygiene plan is used at Life Smiles
  • 11:35 – How can a hygiene assistant help the hygienist?
  • 13:29 – The three conditions followed at Life Smiles before implementing the assisted hygiene plan
  • 13:51 – 1st condition 
  • 13:57 – 2nd condition
  • 14:14 – 3rd condition
  • 14:43 – Mistakes that can be made by implementing the assisted hygiene plan in the wrong way
  • 15:42 – Simple calculation that shows the financial benefits of having an assisted hygiene plan
  • 17:27 – Why do you need an extra room to make this plan work?
  • 18:24 – How to get your hygienist to agree with you in implementing the assisted hygiene plan?
  • 19:41 -What do more hygiene exams correlate with?
  • 22:10 – The prerequisites that need to be in place for an assisted hygiene plan
  • 23:33 – How does this plan work if you have a shortage of hygienists in your town?
  • 26:49 – Some tips and concepts to get more client exams
  • 29:24 – How will a virtual consult/remote exam help make the client feel more comfortable?
  • 31:46 – Benefits for the doctor of using a remote exam or a virtual consult
  • 34:18 – Homework Assignment for the listeners
  • 34:59 – Q&A segment: Q1: How do I know if I have enough demand to switch to the assisted hygiene model?
  • 39:59 – Q2: You have shared that ideally, my filled hygiene percentage should be at 92% or above. We are struggling with this and my office is typically at 80 to 82 percent filled. I feel like I need to fix this issue before going to the assisted hygiene model. Am I thinking about this in the right way?
  • 48:11 – Q3:  I’m not sure if my hygienists would be in favor of adding more patients into their schedule each day. How can I get them on board?
  • 52:38 – Q4: I’m not sure I have enough treatment rooms for the assisted hygiene model. How can I determine if I have the correct number of treatment rooms?




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