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The Indirect Path to Success and the Importance of Gratitude with Dr. Nikki Green

by Gary Takacs | December 12, 2018

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Most Dentists will experience some hurdles on their journey to develop a successful practice.

Running time: 68:58

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his long-time client and friend Dr. Nikki Green to share her experiences developing a thriving practice.

In this Show, Gary and Nikki discuss;

  • the practice that Nikki purchased and the blessings and challenges that came with this practice purchase,
  • the temptation that Nikki had to sell her practice and why she ultimately decided not to sell (and why this was one of the best decisions she made!),
  • the failed partnership Nikki experienced and the lessons from this experience,
  • her decision to build an ideal facility and role this decision has played in her success,
  • the value of Mentors including a list of some of the most important Mentors who have guided and influenced Nikki
  • and the interview concludes with a wonderful discussion of Gratitude and how truly embracing Gratitude has made such an amazing difference in Nikki’s practice and her life!

You will really enjoy this very candid conversation and likely find encouragement in the direct path that Nikki has taken to develop a thriving practice.

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