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Episode 318

The Latest Advances in Regenerative Dentistry, Stem Cell Research & the Future of Dentistry with Dr. Vitor Neves

by Gary Takacs | February 21, 2018

The advances that are happening in dentistry are nothing short of amazing! We are able to help patients in ways that simply were not possible even just a few years ago, and the future gets even more amazing.

Running time: 58:47 minutes

In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary invited his friend, Dr. Vitor Neves to share the latest research on regenerative dentistry, stem cell research and the future of dentistry. Vitor is a qualified Dentist in the UK and Brazil and is completing his PhD in regenerative dentistry at King’s College London. In this Show Gary and Vitor discuss; Vitor’s background including his influence from both his Mother and Father who are Dentists in Brazil, the latest stem cell research demonstrating how stem cells in dental pulp can be modulated to increase dentin repair, how research will eventually result in knowledge that can be applied in practice, a path to follow for those interested in a career in research, the current state of regenerative dentistry and where these advances are likely headed and throughout the interview Vitor shares his perspective on the future of dentistry and what our amazing profession might look like in the next 25-50 years. Spoiler alert; Vitor shares his optimistic perspective that the future of dentistry will just keep getting better! If you like science, you will LOVE this interview.

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Category: Regenerative Dentistry