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Episode 371

The Less insurance Dependence Mastermind with Gary Takacs

by Gary Takacs | February 27, 2019

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Gary Takacs Less Insurance Dependence

Recently, Gary was interviewed by his good friend Naren Arulrajah for his Growing Dentist podcast. The interview provided such useful information that Gary made the decision to publish this interview here on the Thriving Dentist Show for our listeners.

In this Show, Gary and Naren discuss;

  • Gary’s passion for helping Dentists successfully reduce insurance dependency,
  • the undeniable fact that the current dental insurance system is completely broken,
  • the concept of thinking about your insurance adjustments as a marketing expense,
  • Gary’s case study in successfully reducing insurance dependence in his LifeSmiles dental practice,
  • why this is the single most important strategic decision that Gary and Dr. Paul Nielson have made in their ownership of their LifeSmiles practice,
  • how to go out of network yet remain insurance-friendly,
  • the benefits of being a member of a mastermind community,
  • Gary’s decision to launch the ‘Less Insurance Dependence’ Mastermind,
  • the special offer available to Founding Members of the Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind.

The goal of this information is to help more Dentists regain control of their practice by successfully reducing insurance dependence!

Links for the ‘Let’s Ask David’ segment with Dr. David Hornbrook:



Website for Gary’s New ‘Less Insurance Dependence’ podcast:

Link to the Less Insurance Dependence Podcast:

Link for more information about the Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind: https://www.lessinsurancedependence.com/mastermind-with-gary/


Text: lessinsurance to 44222 for more information about the Less Insurance Dependence Mastermind

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