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Episode 396

The Model of an Award-Winning, Multi-Disciplinary Practice with Dr. Nanda Albatish

by Gary Takacs | August 21, 2019

There are many successful practice models to consider as you strive to develop the style of practice that works best for you.

For this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Nada Albatish as a Guest to share how she has created an award-winning, multi-disciplinary practice named All Smiles Dental Centre just north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Nada is a brilliant young Dentist who is truly doing some amazing things!

In this Show, Gary and Nada discuss;

  • Nada’s journey from graduating Dental School in 2007 to today,
  • her vision of a multi-disciplinary practice model,
  • why this style of practice appeals to Nada,
  • how Nada limits her schedule to providing complex restorative dentistry while ensuring that other clinical needs of patients are being met in her practice,
  • Nada’s CE path to becoming an excellent restorative Dentist,
  • Nada’s role as a Clinical Instructor with Clinical Mastery,
  • CE Resources for Dentists at every stage of their career,
  • how young Dentists can afford quality CE early in their career,
  • tips that have helped Nada achieve an effective work/life balance and throughout the interview

Nada shares her perspective on why now is such an amazing time to be a Dentist and why NOW is a brilliant time to develop the practice of your dreams!

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