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Episode 245

The Power of Upside-Down Leadership with Bob Spiel

by Gary Takacs | September 28, 2016

Leadership is a necessary element of a thriving practice. In this Thriving Dentist Show Gary interviews his friend Bob Spiel on the subject of Leadership and why upside-down leadership leads to increased performance and profit.



Running Time: 49:37 minutes

In this interview Gary and Bob discuss; Why Leadership is necessary to achieve your full potential, the upside-down leadership model, the powerful story of the 2008 Hillcrest Varsity Football Team and how this applies to dentistry, why a team cannot run faster than its formal leader, tips to master the people side of dentistry and why Leadership is more important than ever given the changes taking place in the dental profession today. This is such an important topic and you will LOVE Bob’s wisdom and passion for helping Dentists Master Leadership!

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Category: Leadership