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Episode 382

The Science Behind Xylitol and How to Incorporate Xylitol in a Thriving Dental Practice with Nate Jones

by Gary Takacs | May 15, 2019

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Xylitol is a 5 carbon sugar that was discovered in the 1890’s. During world War II, there was a shortage of sugar in Scandinavian countries leading to the first widespread use of xylitol and dental professionals noticed a significant improvement in patient’s oral health who used xylitol. 

Nate Jones

For the next 30 years this natural sweetener continued to gain popularity around the world and in the 1990’s scientists began taking notice of xylitol’s effect on upper respiratory health.

Gary invited his friend Nate Jones as a Guest on this Thriving Dentist Show to discuss all things xylitol and how to incorporate xylitol in a thriving practice in 2019 and beyond.

In this Show, Gay and Nate discuss;

  • How xylitol prevents tooth decay,
  • the Cochrane Report and why this information is important,
  • Nate’s Physician Father and his role in understanding more about the benefits of xylitol,
  • the upper respiratory benefits of xylitol,
  • the best way to get patients on a xylitol protocol,
  • the specific benefits of products that are 100% xylitol,
  • where to source xylitol products if you prefer not to carry them in your office,
  • the difference between 100% xylitol products vs those that are combined with other ingredients
  • and how xylitol can be a practice-builder for your office.

The interview concludes with a special invitation to listeners of the Thriving Dentist Show to receive a Free lunch and learn webinar from Xlear about xylitol and how to create a state-of-the-art prevention program in your practice. You will enjoy Nate’s passion for improving the health of your patients!

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