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Episode 174

The Science of Personal Finance for Dentists with Reese Harper

by Gary Takacs | May 13, 2015

Last week Gary interviewed his friend, Dr. Doug Carlsen on the Thriving Dentist Show and they discussed the top tips that will allow Dentist to successfully retire with financial independence. That Thriving Dentist Show literally went viral soon after being published.

Running Time: 58:37 minutes

In that interview, Doug mentioned that he recommends Aquire Advisors as a financial advisory firm that helps Dentists make smart decisions about their money. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews Reese Harper the founder of Aquire Advisors. In this Show, Gary and Reese discuss; the most common challenge that causes Dentists to delay retirement, why Acquire works exclusively with Dentists, how Reese was able to be issued a trademark on a periodic table of financial health and the major pitfalls Dentists make with their investments. This is an information-packed interview on a topic of keen interest and importance for all Dentists!

Reese website: www.aquireadvisors.com

Reese email address: reese@aquireadvisors.com

Link to the Elements™ Workbook: http://aquireadvisors.com/elements-workbook/

Link to the list of financial planning questions: http://aquireadvisors.com/real-planning

Link to list of mistakes dentists make that delay retirement: http://aquireadvisors.com/7-big-financial-mistakes-delay-retirement

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