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Episode 237

The Story Behind the Numbers with Vicki McManus and Patti Sooy

by Gary Takacs | August 3, 2016

You likely know that Gary is a big fan of data! You have likely heard him say that “the numbers never lie”. However, there is often a story behind the numbers and this Thriving Dentist Show interview is all about how to interpret the data to understand what it means and what changes you need to make to achieve the results you desire.


Running Time: 55:07 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews two long-time friends, Vicki McManus and Patti Sooy. Vicki is the co-founder of the Productive Dentist Academy and Patti is their Director of Coaching. Vicki and Patti ‘get’ the numbers! In this interview Gary, Vicki and Patti discuss; why data is so important in a thriving practice, how data can align best practices, how to interpret the data to learn the story behind the numbers, how the data can point to the need to strengthen Leadership, Vision and Agreements in your practice and how you can use data to create a practice that could be considered an ‘Investment Grade Business’. Lots of take-away information in this interview!

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Phone number for Productive Dentist Academy: 800-757-6077

Category: Leadership