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Episode 399

The Story of Three Young Dentists Who Are ROCKING Their Careers with Drs. Joseph Blalock, Scotty Blanchard and Luis Philipe Mariusso

by Gary Takacs | September 11, 2019

You likely know that Gary is passionate about dentistry and you have probably heard him say that Dentistry ROCKS! This Thriving Dentist Show is one that you will absolutely love.

A little over  three years ago, Gary interviewed a group of young Dentists who were about the start their careers. They were a month away from graduating from the University of Kentucky School of Dentistry and that first interview was all about their hopes, dreams and aspirations.

That Thriving Dentist Show was titled; ‘The Power of Relationships, Courage & Passion’ and here is a link to that interview

This interview is a follow up interview with three of those Dentists, Drs. Joe Blalock, Scotty Blanchard and Luis Philipe Mariusso. This Show is all about what has happened in the past three years.

In this Show, Gary, Joe, Scotty and Luis discuss;

  • What they have learned in their journeys early in their careers,
  • the CE direction that each Dentist has taken to enhance their skills since graduation from dental school, the good, bad and ugly of Associateship experiences,
  • why Joe has decided to open a start-up practice very soon,
  • the path to practice ownership for Scotty and Luis,
  • knowing what they know now what they might do differently,
  • the power and strength of the support network that Joe, Scotty and Luis have developed
  • and what they have learned about creating a successful work/life balance.

This is a very candid interview and you will appreciate the real life stories that Joe, Scotty and Luis share in the hopes that they can help their colleagues avoid any missteps and with the ultimate goal of inspiring their colleagues to pursue a life of purpose and passion!

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