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Episode 434

Thoughts From Leaders in Dentistry on Making Your Future Better Than Your Past

Host: Gary Takacs | Published Date: May 6, 2020 | Listening Time: 00:49:32

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Working Towards A Future Better Than Your Past as A World-class Dentist

A lot of negativity is being expressed today in the media and by what we observe in life in general. I have come to realize that many dentists out there have been caught up in the web of having lost hope in the midst of all that’s happening around them, with many quite uncertain about what their future holds.

To a patient, a dentist can mean someone they like, know, appreciate, and trust. But one of the most defining factors behind your relationship with your patients is how you are an agent of hope to them. You, as their dentist, welcome them, guiding them to face whatever challenges they are going through, while also reassuring them, in many ways by helping them become a better version of themselves than what they were in the past. To them, you are a beacon of hope.

However, we are all humans and we tend to forget the position we are in, and the capabilities we have within ourselves to influence and make a difference, not just in others’ lives but also our own.

In challenging times it might become difficult to inspire yourself to manifest these abilities in you, so we have brought in some amazing world-class dentists who will share some amazing thoughts and insights on how you can work towards a better future than before.

The Leaders who will be sharing their messages in the podcast episode today are: 

  • Dr. Paul Henny
  • Dr. David Hornbrook
  • Fred Joyal
  • Dr. Nikkie Green
  • Dr. Rod Gore
  • Dr. Mac McDonald
  • Dr. Ryan Lepore

There is an opportunity in every moment if you decide to look for it. I hope this episode will help you do just that.

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Ask yourself the question, “Who do u need to become the best dentist you can possibly become, clinically and behaviourally?” 

By answering this question you will ensure that your future is bigger than your past. 

TimeStamps For This episode 

  • 00:27 > Introduction to today’s episode
  • 01:00 > How the 10elements of a thriving dentist practice 1 Day MBA Livestream workshop will help you come back stronger after Covid -19 
  • 02:19 > Announcement on virtual coaching with practice management support
  • 03:24 >  Naren’s introduction to the episode 
  • 03:52 > Why select this topic? 
  • 05:10 > Worst by-product of scarcity thinking
  • 05:37 > Never Give up on hope
  • 06:21 >  Why should we be agents of hope
  • 11:44 > Gary’s thoughts on How to create a bigger future than the past
  • 11:58 > H.W. assignment: Ask yourself the question, “Who do u need to become the best dentist you can possibly become, clinically and behaviorally?” 
  • 13:42 > world-class dentists are constantly pushing themselves
  • 14:45 > Maintain your curiosity to make your future brighter
  • 15:16 > who do you need to study under to become the best dentist 
  • 16:30 > who do u need to study to learn about case presentation
  • 16:40 > study about Bob Barkley, LD Pankey and others who are legends
  • 17:00 >  Gary recommends dentists to be studied clinically & behaviourally
  • 19:10 >  1st Guest, Nikki Green shares her thoughts on the topic
  • 23:45 > David Hornbrook with his message
  • 28:17 > Paul Henny with his message 
  • 32:30 > Fred Joyal with his message
  • 34:59 > Rod Gore with his message
  • 38:47 > Mac McDonald with his message
  • 44:10 > Ryan Lepore with his message


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Gary Takacs

Gary Takacs Gary became a successful practice owner by purchasing a fixer-upper practice and developing it into a world-class dental practice. He is passionate about sharing his hard-earned insights and experiences with dental practices across the globe.

As a dental practice coach, Gary provides guidance for dental professionals on how to create a healthier practice style that lets them deliver excellent patient care while reducing depending on insurance.

More importantly, Gary’s insights are not just based on theory – as a co-owner of a dental practice, he has first-hand experience in making this transformation from a high-volume and low-fee insurance model to a fee-for-service approach that is more sustainable and promotes a patient-centric and financially healthy dental practice, and he is dedicated to sharing this knowledge with other dental practitioners via the popular Thriving Dentist Show!
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