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Learn To Create A Thriving And Profitable Practice That Enables You To Love Life, Love Dentistry, And Love The People Around You!

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Dentistry is a profession that allows you to not only save lives but also enhance them in a very unique and fulfilling way! Not all practices are created equal; the dentist, the practice culture, and how you take care of patients make for a unique practice environment.

There are several reasons why dentists choose to follow our Thriving Dentist Coaching services, and at Thriving Dentist, we sum up all those reasons into one sentence;

The desire to have “Personal, Professional & Financial Satisfaction.”

At a glance, what you can expect from coaching,

  • 24 Business Systems: Access essential elements for a world-class practice.
  • 10 Elements of Thriving Practice: Foster a patient-centric environment.
  • Special Virtual Sessions: Exclusive masterminds for practice growth.
  • Verbal Skills Training: Improve patient interactions and case acceptance.
  • Conversion Call Training: Convert inquiries into booked appointments.
  • Best Practices: Stay updated with industry standards.
  • Case Acceptance: Master confident case presentations.
  • Book Club: Apply valuable concepts to your practice.
  • 9 KPI’s: Exercise your team on achieving the 9 KPI’s to boost your business 

P.S. Whatever your specific reasons are for following our coaching services, our underlying goal will always be to help you achieve personal, professional & financial satisfaction in life.

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About Me

  • 43+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN DENTISTRY Practice Advisor & Coach (Thriving Dentist Academy)
  • Frequent Speaker at Major Dental Meetings (Provided over 21,000 Hours of  CE Credits)
  • Host of Thriving Dentist Podcast (#1 Dental Podcast on iTunes & Google Play with listeners in 188 countries)
  • Instructor at The Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, FL
  • Practice Owner, Partner LifeSmiles Dental Care 2007- 2021
“All of Gary’s information has been extremely helpful so far. His employees are very attentive and I like how they follow up with you on each system that you introduce. We have only introduced a handful of systems so far but I can already see the benefits and improvements from each system in our practice. The weekly Zoom meetings are very helpful as well!”
Dr. Gomez DDS
Dr. Gomez DDS
“Overall, I feel the program has been phenomenal. I love how systematic it is. I feel that it steps you through every system quite well and helps build a much better practice. Altogether A+++”
Dr. McLachlan, DDS
Dr. McLachlan DDS
“10/10, Very Responsive and Personalized Support” 
Dr.St.Matthew Daniel, DMD
Dr. St Matthew Daniel DMD