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Episode 296

Tips to Hire and Keep your Dream Team with Kiera Dent

by Gary Takacs | September 20, 2017

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Often times the difference between a good dental practice and a world-class dental practice is the presence of an incredible Team! Many Dentists feel like they are looking for the elusive ‘Unicorn’ when searching for an ideal Team Member. To help you hire and keep your Dream Team, Gary invited his friend Kiera Dent on the Thriving Dentist Show.

Running Time: 57:01 minutes

In this interview Gary and Kiera discuss; Kiera’s awesome background including her experience as a multiple practice owner, how she created Dental Placement Pros as a resource and an Executive Search Firm for the Dental Profession, how to screen applicants before hiring, how to absolutely ROCK your interview if you are a Team Member looking for a great practice and a host of other tips and strategies to connect the best people with the best dental offices. Here’s to your success hiring and keeping your Dream Team!

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