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Episode 435

“Tips To Improve Your Immune System” with Dr. Uche Odiatu

by Gary Takacs | May 13, 2020

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In times such as this, a proper immune system is quintessential. We can see a trend in many people being adversely affected by the virus because of a poor immune system. 

Did you know that stress plays a major role in our health? Being anxious, helpless, resentful, and angry can all have negative impacts on our immune system. There are many effective methods that we could use during this period to strengthen our immune system to experience a positive lifestyle. 

Currently, many practices are moving towards helping their patients stay healthy. This is a positive sign in dentistry and there couldn’t be a better time to focus on developing a healthy and active lifestyle than now. 

In today’s episode, our guest, Dr. Uche Odiatu will be sharing actionable steps to strengthen the immune system and will be sharing insights on; 

  • The benefits of maintaining a strong immune system
  • Actionable tips on strengthening your immune system
  • How stress affects us negatively
  • Benefits of breathing
  • The role of nutrition and the immune system
  • How to exclude unhealthy food from your diet
  • Alternative protein sources 

It is important to be active and healthy to stay strong and focused during these challenging times. This episode will help you learn more effective tips on how to easily strengthen your immune system. 

Tune into our podcast today to learn how you can improve your immune system starting today!

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TimeStamps For This episode 

  • 00:27 > Introduction to today’s episode
  • 01:34 >  How the 10 elements of a thriving dental practice 1 Day MBA Livestream workshop will help you come back stronger after Covid -19 
  • 03:00 > Announcement on virtual coaching with practice management support
  • 03:50 > Interview with Dr. Uche
  • 05:42 > Benefits of a strong immune system
  • 06:00 > How genetics affect the immune system
  • 09:05 > How doctors are not aware of health
  • 12:20 > Tips on maintaining a strong immune system  
  • 16:30 > How muscle tension affects health
  • 17:57 > What  to do when you are under emotional siege
  • 21:19 >  Importance of breathing
  • 28:29 >  4-7-8 technique of breathing
  • 37:15 >  Role of nutrition
  • 39:48 > Alternatives for protein
  • 41:15 >  Types of vegetables to replace protein
  • 43:10 > Effects of sugar
  • 44:00 > How to give up on sugar
  • 44:26 >  How we are slaves to the bacteria in our body
  • 48:00 > How much fibre you need a day
  • 49:53 >  Hygienists know about prevention
  • 50:20 > Social Media pages of Dr. Uche Odiatu
  • 54:14 > Outro of the episode


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