UPCOMING LIVE: April 18th at 8pm
When was the last time you raised your fees?
With Gary Takacs
Date: April 18th
Time: 8pm


As a dentist, you have spent years building your practice, honing your skills, and providing exceptional care to your patients. However, with the rising costs of supplies, equipment, and labor, it’s important to ensure that your fees are keeping pace with your expenses. But when and how should you raise your fees?

This webinar will provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help you optimize your practice profitability through effective fee management.


  • Introduction: The Importance of Fee Management in Dental Practice Profitability
  • Understanding the Factors that Influence Your Fees: Supply Costs, Equipment and Labor Costs, Overhead, and Patient Demand
  • Best Practices for Determining Your Fees: Market Analysis, Fee Schedules, and Competitive Pricing Strategies
  • Communicating Fee Changes to Your Patients: Effective Messaging and Managing Patient Expectations
  • Maximizing Practice Profitability: Leveraging Technology, Payment Options, and Value-Added Services
  • Q&A Session: Addressing Your Fee Management Questions and Concerns


Gary Takacs

Our speaker is a seasoned dental practice consultant with over 43 years of experience working with dentists to optimize their practice profitability. He has worked with practices of all sizes and specialties, and has helped countless dentists navigate the complex world of fee management to achieve their financial goals.

He also runs the most popular dental podcast known as the Thriving Dentist Podcast

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