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Episode 374

What Americans REALLY Think About Their Teeth with Brian McCarthy

by Gary Takacs | March 20, 2019

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Brian McCarthy

Recently the Harris Poll conducted an online survey revealing American views and behaviors towards oral and dental care, habits and priorities. The results of this survey were published in the form of the 2019 State of the American Mouth Report.

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Brian McCarthy (Executive Vice President of Dentistry.com) about the content of this Report.

It’s likely that we all have opinions about how the public feels about their oral health and now we actually have data that provides us insights on how the public feels about their teeth. Some of the data is shocking and demonstrates that we still have a long ways to go to help people place a higher priority on their oral health.

The good news is that by understanding how the public feels about their oral health we can become more effective at how we communicate with our patients and potential patients in your community.

In this interview, Brian and Gary discuss a summary of the 2019 State of the American Mouth Report including the following facts;

  • more than 50% of US Adults have not seen a Dentist in the past year,
  • 30% of people surveyed have untreated tooth decay,
  • 87% of the people surveyed agree that bad teeth can have a negative impact on a person’s personal and professional life,
  • Millennial patients are most likely to associate good teeth with good sex,
  • 87% of parents surveyed reported that their children had visited the Dentist in the past year.

In addition to the summary of the Report, Gary and Brian also discuss the importance of

  • having an MTP (Massive Transformative Purpose),
  • the four most important reasons patients don’t visit the Dentist (fear, pain, cost and inconvenience),
  • and the specific things Dentistry.com <http://dentistry.com/> is doing to get more people to visit the Dentist.

This is a fun interview with lots of great insights!

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