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Episode 281

What Every Dentist Needs to Know About DSO’s with Dr. Jeromy Dixson

by Gary Takacs | June 7, 2017

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The dental landscape is changing rapidly and the fastest growing segment of dentistry today is corporate dentistry and a subset of corporate dentistry are known as DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations).

Running Time: 68:48 minutes

In this Show, Gary interviews Dr. Jeromy Dixson about everything Dentists need to know about DSO’s. In this interview Gary and Jeromy discuss;

  • How Jeromy discovered the world of DSO’s
  • How he helped grow Smiles Dental Group from 3 offices to 24 offices
  • Jeromy’s thoughts on why corporate dentistry is growing so rapidly
  • How all DSO’s are not the same
  • The 7 goals Jeromy used to guide Smiles Dental Group to impressive growth
  • Jeromy’s DSO Project

The interview concludes with a great discussion of what Jeromy has learned in his year long around the world sabbatical with his family. This is an episode that every Dentist needs to hear!

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