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Episode 401

Why Does Dentistry Fails? With Greg Kamyszek

by Gary Takacs | September 25, 2019

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The reality is that dentistry can fail due to a number of reasons. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Greg Kamyszek on the Show as a Guest to explore some common reasons why dentistry fails.

In this Show, Gary and Greg discuss: how BioRESEARCH works with all of the major occlusion ‘camps’, why occlusion is such a contentious term, the concept of ‘don’t be down on what you are not up on’, objective measurement of the stomatognathic system, the value of joint vibration analysis, the principles of the T-Scan, common occlusion myths, the concept of occlusion as being a combination of force, timing and balance, the joint/muscle connection and a discussion about the 2020 BioRESEARCH Annual Meeting to be held in Milwaukee, WI June 18-20, 2020. You’ll enjoy Greg’s passion for helping Dentists reduce the incident of dental failure!

Greg’s website: www.bioresearchinc.com 

Greg’s email address: gregk@bioresearchinc.com

Link to 2020 Annual Conference on BioMETRICS in Dentistry:


Greg’s Phone Number: 414-467-9195

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