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Episode 366

Why I Decided (as a mid-career Dentist) to Sell my Practice to a DSO with Dr. Nezar Kassem

by Gary Takacs | January 23, 2019

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DSO’s (Dental Service Organizations) are the fastest growing segment in dentistry today. It is common today for Dentists to be approached by DSO’s looking to acquire more practices.

  Running time: 59:20

In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary invited his friend Dr. Nezar Kassem to share his story about why Nezar, as a mid-career Dentist, decided to sell his practice to a DSO.

In this interview, Gary and Nezar discuss;

  • Nezar’s story of successfully starting a practice from scratch in 2002,
  • the joys that Nezar experienced in his practice and the challenges he has experienced as well,
  • Nezar’s desire to find a better balance in his life,
  • how he actually sought out the right DSO and approached them about the possibility of purchasing his practice,
  • the general criteria that DSO’s are looking for when making an acquisition,
  • how Nezar’s practice was appealing to a DSO even though he was slightly outside of their ideal criteria,
  • the challenge that Nezar was experiencing with his facility,
  • the full details of his sale,
  • what to look for when considering the right DSO,
  • Nezar’s arrangement to stay on as the Dentist after the sale and why this made sense for Nezar
  • and throughout the interview Gary and Nezar discuss how to determine if selling to a DSO might be a good strategy for you.

Selling a practice is a very personal decision and it’s Gary’s hope that this interview will provide you with the information that will help you determine if selling to a DSO makes sense for you.

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