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Episode 402

Year End Tax Savings Tips With Robby Apple CPA

by Gary Takacs | October 2, 2019

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Gary invited his friend Robby Apple CPA as a guest on this Thriving Dentist Show to share some specific tips you can use to reduce your tax liability in 2019.

The timing on this Show is very important because you have time to apply these tips before the end of the year to gain the tax savings.

In this interview Gary and Robby discuss: how Dentists compare to other high income earners in terms of taxes paid, everything you need to know about the process of tax planning, how tax planning is very different than tax return preparation, quantitative and qualitative factors involved in tax planning, things you need to know about the sweeping tax reform bill for 2019, Retirement Plan fundamentals, the magical ’Section 179’ deduction and how to use it to significantly reduce your 2019 tax bill, when NOT to use a ’Section 179’ deduction, Health Savings Accounts, wise year end spending, why real estate is generally not a good year end tax planning option, bunching charitable deductions, business formats and when is the right time to use an S Corporation.

Robby has complete command of tax planning and makes the subject matter both interesting and understandable. You will enjoy his knowledge and passion for helping you reduce your tax liability!

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