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Episode 247

Avoiding the Risks of Substance Abuse with Dr. Brett Kessler

by Gary Takacs | October 12, 2016

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Statistically, somewhere between 10-20% of Dentists will experience an issue with substance abuse at some point in their career. In this Thriving Dentist Show, Gary interviews his friend Dr. Brett Kessler on the topic of avoiding the risks of substance abuse.

Running Time: 62:34 minutes

Brett is a practicing Dentist in Colorado, a past President of the Colorado Dental Association, President-Elect of the Colorado Prosthodontic Society and a Consultant to the ADA Dental Well Being Advisory Committee. While these are impressive credentials, perhaps Brett’s ultimate credentials on this topic is that he is a recovering substance abuse addict himself. In this interview, Brett shares his personal story of addiction, recovery and life after recovery. In addition to his personal story, Brett and Gary discuss; the stressors that can lead to addiction, warning signs of addiction, the possible consequences of substance abuse to your career, how to get help, why substance abuse is a disease and not just a weakness, why the success rate in treatment via a Health Professionals Treatment Program is 70-90% and the interview concludes with a discussion of how to help a colleague in trouble. This is a very important topic and the content of this powerful interview with Brett might just save someone’s life.

Brett’s email address:

Brett’s Cell phone number: 720-989-7960

Alison Bramhall MPH Manager ADA Dentist Health and Wellness Council on Dental Practice contact info:


Phone: 312-440-2622

Podcast Assistance by Jodey Smith, Rodecaster Expert Category: Substance Abuse