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When was the last time you raised your fees?

Join us for a free live webinar where you can learn how to create a thriving practice from Gary Takacs, Dental Coach.

This webinar will provide valuable insights and practical strategies to help you optimize your practice profitability through effective fee management.

Learn from industry experts about the latest cutting-edge tools and strategies that will help give you a competitive edge. Discover ways to engage new audiences, expand your reach, and maximize ROI at our one-of-a-kind event. Register now!

What to expect from the webinar?

  1. Introduction: The Importance of Fee Management in Dental Practice Profitability
  2. Understanding the Factors that Influence Your Fees: Supply Costs, Equipment and Labor Costs, Overhead, and Patient Demand
  3. Best Practices for Determining Your Fees: Market Analysis, Fee Schedules, and Competitive Pricing Strategies
  4. Communicating Fee Changes to Your Patients: Effective Messaging and Managing Patient Expectations
  5. Maximizing Practice Profitability: Leveraging Technology, Payment Options, and Value-Added Services
  6. 15-minute Live Q&A /Coaching Session with Gary Takacs.


Ten Strategies to Maximize Your Digital Marketing Impact with Dental Practices

April 19th 2023 8pm

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Upcoming Live Courses

3-Night MBA Workshop

A workshop designed to help dentists create their ideal dental practice and achieve the personal, professional, and financial satisfaction they deserve by providing clarity on what they need to focus on along with a plan for the necessary action steps.

3 Takeaways / Learning Objectives

  • To provide a course that focuses on understanding the strategies and tips that can help develop an ideal thriving practice.
  • Make the Transition from a Transaction-Driven Practice to a relationship-driven practice where your ideal patients know, like & trust you.
  • Strategies to successfully reduce or eliminate insurance dependence in your practice.

May 16th, 17th, and 18th

7.00 pm to 10.00 pm (EDT)

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The "Grow your practice 10% or more every year!" Masterclass!

As a dentist, you want nothing more than to grow your practice and increase your revenues. But how can you make that happen? One way is to focus on growing your practice by 10% or more every year. With the right strategies and techniques, this goal is very achievable.

This is a 3-hour live event, where Gary Takacs will go through a specific strategy that will help grow your practice 10% every year, in other words taking your practice from good to great!

In this Masterclass, you will learn

  1. How to Cost Control, Expenses & Increase Practice Profitability!
  2. Understand what is Production, Goals & its relationship to Scheduling.
  3. Understand the different expense categories and how they contribute to your practice overhead.
  4. The Bonus: 7 Step Procedure to increase production.
  5. How The Kodak Study Can Illustrate The Relationship Between Production And Profit-loss.
  6. Learn how to increase production and lower expense % incurred.


Unlocking the Power of Social Media for Dental Practice Success

February 23rd

7.00pm to 10.00pm (Eastern Time)

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Blueprint to Reduce Insurance Dependence

Many dentists are trying to resign from PPO plans because being dependent on Insurance companies is a pain and torture you keep receiving and not a gift that keeps giving.

But, how do you resign from PPO plans successfully?

When I bought my practice, LifeSmiles, I quickly realized that we were infected with over 34 PPO Plans and an overhead of 80%!

After dropping all PPO Plans while retaining over 85% of the practice’s patient base and helping over 2200+ practices do the same, we’ve got it down to a science.

We’ve got it down to a blueprint.

Download this free guide and prepare to drop those PPO Plans and increase your practice profitability.

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Reduce Insurance Blueprint