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Thriving DentistCoaching with Gary Takacs

Step by Step Coaching to Help youDevelop Your Ideal Thriving Practice

Are you living the life you want?

  • Feeling like you do more and more but never enough to achieve your goals?
  • Feeling like this isn’t what you signed up for?
  • Feeling restricted by insurance limitations that don't allow the type of dentistry you love?
  • Feeling like you have no vision or structure in place to help you get to where you want to be?

You deserve to live a life that brings you personal, professional, and financial satisfaction

Thriving Dentist Coaching

Step by Step Coaching to Transform Your Practice

Quarterly coaching sessions to help you develop your ideal practice that will give you the freedom to do the type of dentistry you love, profitably, and without limitations.

This coaching program is designed to help dentists delve into the specifics of their practice to overcome whatever is holding them back and invest in elements that directly contribute to practice profitability with the support of Gary's step by step guidance.
Learn to Implement The 10 Successful Elements & 24 Systems of a Thriving Dental Practice to develop your ideal practice that provides personal, professional, and financial satisfaction

Why Register For This Coaching Program?

Practical Coaching To Help Overcome The Fundamental Issues Faced By Dentists & Practice Owners
Step By Step Guidance To Transform Your Practice Using The Proven Concepts Of The 10 Elements & 24 Systems Of A Thriving Dental Practice
Goal-Setting And Mindset-Building Sessions To Focus Your Vision And Attitude Towards Success.
Lifetime Pricing and Risk-Free Guarantee to all Coaching Registrations
Personalized Support In Between Quarterly Sessions
Resource Materials For You And Your Team

It's time to overcome obstacles to growth and invest in the elements of success that will transform your practice to reach its fullest potential!

Gary understands from personal experience, what it means to be restricted by insurance limitations, work 70-80 hours a week and be unable to invest in the latest dental technologies.

When he bought his practice Life Smiles in the year 2007, it was a practice filled with PPO plans, no effective marketing strategy and burdened with an overhead of 80%!

However, within a few years, he was able to convert this half a million dollar practice into a very successful dental practice that is currently at the top 1/4th of 1% in the US.

Gary knows from personal experience and proven results seen in practices across the country, that investing time and resources into successfully establishing the systems and concepts that have produced exceptional results in his own practice will produce the same for you.
Gary’s passion has always been to help dentists achieve the same personal, professional, and financial satisfaction that he and his coaching clients have achieved.
  • Over 40 years of experience coaching dentists and transforming practices.
  • Coached over 2200 dental practices around the world.
  • Instructor on 'Business of Dentistry' at The Pankey Institute (Key Biscayne, FL)
  • Founder of the very first dental podcast, The Thriving Dentist Show with over 10,000 dentist listeners in 178 countries.

Here are the steps to get you started on developing your ideal thriving practice:

Step 01: Register For Gary's Coaching Program(Annual and Monthly Payment Options Available)
Regular Price: $30,000 (Total Annual Price)

Early Bird Price: $30,000 $15,000 (Annual Payment Pricing)
*Note: Annual and Monthly Payment Options are available.

Special Gift for Early Registrations:
Our pricings are subject to change over time, but early registrations (before 1st of May, 2020) will have the advantage of paying the same price you paid on day #1 for continued coaching with Gary in the following years (Lifetime Pricing).

Step 02:Attend the quarterly one-day workshops(04 workshops in a year)
June 13th, 2020 in Atlanta, GA
September 12th, 2020 in Atlanta, GA
December 12th, 2020 in Atlanta, GA
March 6th, 2021 in Atlanta, GA

Step 03: Carry out the given action steps, track progress and enjoy the benefits of a transformed practice


All registrations that fully and actively participate in the coaching workshops and in-between activities as well as implement the information and action steps shared during our coaching sessions, and do not see growth in their practice at least by the amount invested in this program will be eligible for a FREE year of coaching in the subsequent year.
*Terms & Conditions: Please note that if you have any unexpected expenses, capital expenses or unplanned personal or practice issues, they will affect the above-mentioned guarantee.
Call us for more information on (855)-925-1600

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There will be 4 quarterly workshop sessions included in one year of coaching.

All of these sessions will be held in Atlanta, GA. Our team will inform you of the confirmed venue 1 month before the first workshop in June.

These are the confirmed dates for the first year of the Thriving Dentist Coaching Program:
June 13th, 2020, September 12th, 2020, December 12th, 2020, and March 6th, 2021.

For the moment our goal is to have 4 value-packed coaching sessions in Atlanta. Currently, we aren't planning to select any additional locations.

Gary's coaching program provides support via a private Facebook group for all coaching attendees, as well as via additional content shared by Gary, between coaching workshop sessions.

This program will also include support for dentists and their teams to implement what they've learned during each of these coaching sessions.

This is one of the main focus points in the Thriving Dentist Coaching Program, as the key to your success is in implementing what has been taught by Gary through this program.

Annual Payment (Full) - Pay $14,500 Now and get $15,500 off the regular price of $30,000.

**(You get an additional $500 discount!)

Annual Payment (Part) - Pay $3,000 Now & Pay $12,000 on or before 04/14/2020.

**You save $15,000 off the regular price of $30,000.

Monthly Payment - Pay $1,500 Now and the balance in 11 monthly payments of $1,500 per month starting on June 16th, 2020 and ending on April 16th, 2021 (billed to the credit card on file).

*Note: Each of the annual payment options will be valid for one full year of coaching via Gary’s Thriving Dentist Coaching Program.

The Thriving Dentist Coaching Program comes with the guarantee of lifetime pricing that will allow you to purchase this program year after year for the same price you purchased your first year, regardless of any external price increases. Our goal is to provide so much value, that you wouldn’t want to practice without our ongoing coaching support.

"Yes and No.

Team members aren’t allowed to be a part of the coaching sessions as Gary will be sharing sensitive information with the practice owners/main dentists.

However, it’s possible to bring only one trusted team member/spouse who is looking into your practice’s financial aspect. One team member can join the coaching session by purchasing a ticket (for half price).

Also, before purchasing a ticket for your trusted team member - you must sign an Agreement where you will give your consent that it’s okay for he/she to know the sensitive information of your practice as well."

**Note - Please check the policy on Bringing Team Members for more details and ticket purchases.

Please feel free to contact our Project Manager, Sophia via email at or call 855-925-1600 or click here to submit any questions/ inquiries or support.

How much time, money and opportunities are you losing by not implementing Gary's proven 10 elements and 24-systems to create your ideal thriving dental practice?


As this coaching program requires full participation to reap its benefits, cancellation is not encouraged.

However, if you need to cancel due to any reason you can do so before the 13th of April 2020 for this year’s coaching program.

Cancellations made before this date will be eligible for a refund of 50% of your initial payment.

Subsequent cancellations and no-shows will not be eligible for a refund.

Policy & Registrations for Team Members

Gary's vision is to provide the dentist with a clear vision, specific goals and an action plan for the necessary steps towards creating their ideal practice which is why he has created the Thriving Dentist Coaching Program specifically for dentists and practice owners.

However, if you the main dentist/practice owner wishes to bring a team member both will have to sign an Agreement.